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Knights Edge Ltd The leading designer of medieval theme goods specializing in swords and armor at affordable prices. Also sells home decor items, banners, figurines and more!
Civil War Swords  Exclusively high quality civil war swords.
Roman Armor  The best in roman armor.
Knight Armor  Knight armor such as medieval helmets, breastplates and suits of armor.
Medieval Armor  An exciting collection of medieval armor.
Swords  SCA Battle Ready and Decorative sword replicas.
Viking Helmet  Viking helmet replicas and swords.
Swords for Sale  Medieval and Oriental Swords.
Sword Fighting Weapons from Stage Steel  Blunt-edged Swords and Wooden Swords
Knight Suits of Armor  Wearable and Decorative Plate Armor
Stage Steel Swords  Stage Steel Practice Combat Swords.
Samurai Swords  Decorative and Battle Ready Swords
Roman Weapons  Roman Swords and Axes
Ninja Swords  Battle Ready and Practice Ninja Swords.
Medieval Weapons Catalog  Medieval Weapons including Swords, Axes, Flails and Maces
Medieval Weaponry and Weapons  Medieval Swords, Maces, Battle Axes and more!
Viking Helmet  Viking helmet replicas and swords.
Medieval Catalog  Free Medieval Catalog
Medieval Swords  Battle Ready and Decorative Swords
Medieval Knight Banners  Medieval and Fantasy Banners
Medieval Knight Catalog  Medieval Knight related Items.
Samurai Katana Swords  Battle Ready and Decorative Swords.
Celtic Jewelry  Medieval Sterling Silver and Pewter Jewelry
Japanese Swords  Functional Swords, Decorative and Practice Swords
Medieval, Roman, Greek and Fantasy Helmets  Battle Ready and Functional Helmets.
Battle Ready Fantasy Swords  One of the kind Fantasy Swords
Dragons Collectibles  Dragon Figurines
Celtic Jewelry  Sterling Silver and Pewter Jewelry
Ancient Melee Weapons  Swords, Axes, Flails and Maces
Free Medieval Catalogs  Medieval Catalogs with Weapons and Swords
Medieval and Celtic Jewelry  Medieval Pendants, Bracelets, Pins and Necklaces
Greek and Roman Antiquities  Medieval, Greek and Roman Weapons and Armor
Medieval Swords and Blades  Battle Ready and Functional Blades and Swords
Chinese Swords  Chinese Broadswords and Tai Chi Swords
Civil War Weapon Replicas  Civil War Weapon and Sword Replicas
Excalibur Sword and Excalibur Collectibles  Excalibur Swords and Pewter Collectibles
Halloween Costume Accessories  Medieval, Roman, Greek and Ancient Halloween Costumes and Accessories
Japanese Samurai Swords and Katanas  Japanese Swords and Weapons
Medieval Knife and Knives  Medieval Knife and Daggers
Martial Arts Weapons and Swords  Oriental - Chinese and Japanese Swords and Weapons
Movie Props Including Swords, Armor and Weapons  Huge Selection of Movie Props
Middle Age Weapons and Swords  Decorative and Battle Ready Middle Age Weapons
Sword Catalog  Battle Ready, Decorative and Practice Swords
Samurai Katanas and Weapons  Battle Ready and Practice Samurai Katana Swords and Samurai Figurines
Medieval and Ancient Military Weapon Replicas  Weapons and Swords Used by Ancient and Medieval Military Units
Greek, Roman and Medieval Weaponry  Swords and Melee Weapons and Weaponry
Greek, Roman and Medieval Weapons  Weapons from the Ancient and Medieval Times
Wicca Ceremonial Celtic Daggers and Swords  Wicca Blades and Collectibles
Free Sword Catalog  Medieval and Oriental Swords


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