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The first sword was probably developed around 3000 BC. The sword can be an object of purely decorative beauty. Symbolically the sword performed many functions without spilling blood. With the touch of the sword upon upon the shoulder a man became a knight. The sword in some parts of the world is still carried as a symbol of rule. The sword conjures up dreams of distant cultures, a symbol of a manly role in society, from times of peace and war.

The medieval sword contains some of the highest quality replicas of the medieval, fantasy and ancient swords, weapons, armor and more! We also offer wooden practice swords and Stage Steel battle ready, theatrical combat swords. The Stage Steel swords come with blunt edges to reduce the chance of injury during sword combat practice sessions. All of these items are available from us, a leading designer of medieval weapons. Count on Medieval-Sword.com for the very best in both medieval armor and sword. All of the items listed on our website are of exceptional quality and satisfaction is guaranteed, if you are not satisfied return any item within 30 days for a full refund less shipping charges. The catalog includes also many Middle Ages related product lines such as knight figurines, home decor (Celtic crosses, banners, tapestries and more) and jewelry. The jewelry line consists of Sterling Silver line and inexpensive pewter line. In addtion to European swords we also offer Japanese and Samurai sword replicas. Please don't forget to go over our extensive collection of historical books covering various time periods from ancient times to renaissance. The website also contains the full line of decorative and wearable knight armor including breastplates and backplates, helmets, shields, gorgets and steel and leather knight gauntlets. Refer to our catalog filled with the medieval swords, armour for complete details.



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